• The More Expensive The Better?

    The More Expensive The Better?

    Some people know how to drive, but might not not know the vehicle very well. When the car was sent to the garage, they usually did what they were told to do, and they might have no idea how much money they spent. So when your car needs new spark plugs, do you know what k...
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  • Introduction About Spark Plugs

    Introduction About Spark Plugs

    If the engine is the ‘heart’ of the car, then the spark plugs are the ‘heart’ of the engine, without the help of spark plugs, the engine cannot work very well.The differences in materials, processes and ignition modes of spark plugs will lead to different impacts on the ...
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  • Introduction About Pistons

    Introduction About Pistons

    Engines are like ‘heart’ of cars and the piston can be understood as the ‘center pivot’ of engine. The inside of the piston is hollow-out design which likes a hat, the round holes at both ends are connected to the piston pin, the piston pin is connected to the small end ...
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